At 5 km of RUOMS in Aubenas's direction, this little village is friendly with campings, holiday cottages, grocery shop, and the warmth of the occupants .
Lover of bathing and fishing like the river Ardèche.The one who prefer old alley are fill : bell-tower with comb, alley, oven of the commune, the cross of Peyrous perch on a boundry marker roman and who make remember the rise in water level of 1890.
Climbing is also in honour with the Cirque of Gens and his settings.The castle of Laborie stand by need the end of the village. In 1574 were sign a agreement between Catholics and Protestants .
Come in Pradons for test the quality life of a ardeche village

Commerce - Carburant. 
 Boulangerie - Pâtisserie. 
Bar - Tabac - Restaurant.
Location canöé / kayac. 

 Super Marché : NETTO. 3kms
 L' ETRIER. 3kms

    L'Ardèche à Pradons
"Cirque de GENS"                                                          Ardèche